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WONDER WOMAN #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
September 26, 2011, 5:07 pm
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Wonder Woman #1 is written by Brian Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang.

Wonder Woman is back and finally we have a Wonder Woman comic we can be proud of! 

WARNING: some spoilers.

Amidst the controversy of this weeks DCnew52 releases and the negative, sleazy portrayal of women in Catwoman and Red Hood & The Outlaws, us girls would be forgiven for ditching mainstream comics for a while and instead finding solace in more accurate, if not quite as assertive portrayals such as TEAM GIRL COMIC.

Instead, Brian Azzarello writes up the beginnings of a brilliant story arc while Cliff Chiang expands on those solid foundations to give us a unique looking book (by DC standards) where the art compliments the story excellently.

Chiang serves us up a really striking cover with which to begin his turn at scratching out images of (mostly) everyone’s favourite Princess Diana. We see her in no uncertain terms as a warrior. She is blooded, jumping through a volley of arrows, holding a bloody sword as the fierce sunlight beats down on her. This comic is not going to see WW playing second fiddle to ANYONE. She is going to be leading the charge and doing her Amazonian roots proud.

As much I love this cover it was pointed out to me via Twitter that this jumping through arrows carry on, is not an entirely new idea.

Here we have Daredevil 189 from 1989

Green Arrow 31 from 2003

Judge Dredd Megazine 74 from 1995 – this one is very cool!!

A lot of similarities here, particularly with the Megazine cover but hey, it still looks really cool.

Thanks to Dave’s Comics, graphic novel retailer from Brighton for pointing the above out.

Luckily we don’t have to wait until the last few panels before we get a taste of some action and find out that what is inside of the book lives up to the cover. We begin in Singapore in a neon lit, sexually-charged rooftop scene, in the midst of an encounter between one of those guys we all know – mega rich, manipulative, demon spawn and well dressed with glowing eyes and mouth –  and three random girls who, as the scene progresses, appear to be nothing more than conduits to allow him access to information. He is hunting his father.

The story then jumps around the globe and we find ourselves in a horse barn in Virginia. It looks like Dawn is approaching, along with a figure clad in a robe of unlucky peacock feathers. The horses are unsettled, it looks like a woman wearing the robe and there are weapons lying on the ground. A full quiver of arrows, mace, bow, sword and dagger. The colours throughout these panels are so muted, and outlines so thick they capture the feeling of being in this American barn perfectly. The peacock feathers are almost luminous by comparison. What follows is a perfect piece of storytelling, done exceptionally well through pictures alone. There is quite a bit of blood and gore but it’s by no means gratuitous. In fact, I think its sets us up quite well for what is to come.

We find ourselves in an adjoining house as issue 1’s two key protagonists get acquainted. Hermes, messenger of the Greek gods, and Zola, our soon-to-find-out-she’s-been-impregnated-by-a-god heroine. Hermes tries his best to save Zola by removing her from the house. Unfortunately, Hermes’ skin has a blue tinge to it so she is understandably perturbed by his presence and so goes for the old use-a-shotgun idea.

The rest of the issue boasts of some time travel, fighting centaurs, yet more stuff from Greek mythology, awesome Diana fight scenes and a whole lot of questions begging to be answered in future issues. This book has a real ‘Dogma’ feel to it which I love. It’s really fact paced and, giving its readers credit, leaves unanswered questions. Particularly with regards to Mr Mysterious Demon Spawn in Singapore…..

One of the things that marks this book out as a winner for me is that Wonder Woman is hardly in it. The story telling is so strong that we manage to feel her presence thoughout. In this respect it reminds me of Kurt Busiek’s Trinity, one of my ultimate favourite books.

I will most certainly be picking up issue #2!


Oh, and you can find out more about TEAM GIRL COMIC here

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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I was pretty surprised by this book – never having really been much of a Wonder Woman fan and not really going for Greek Mythology stuff, I expected to hate it. But then there was a small part of me that knew that Mr Azzarello would pull this out the bag as he has done with everything else he writes. It was a lot darker than I expected – didn’t see horse decapitation coming at all! This issue may have converted me to stick with this series and see what happens.

Comment by Craig

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