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September 20, 2011, 5:16 pm
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Living in Glasgow we’ve been a bit spoilt for choice lately with comic events and signings. Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Glasgow Comic Con, Edinburgh Oxfam Comic Events and other further afield including KAPOW! earlier in the year.

We were all pretty thrilled when LONDON SUPER COMIC CONVENTION was announced, particularly when the names attached to it sounded like GEORGE PEREZ and BERNIE WRIGHTSON. However, a BleedingCool interview didn’t paint a pretty picture and you can’t help but feel concerned when refusals to give names are mentioned. decided to contact LSCC to find out for ourselves – and help you guys get a more informed picture 🙂

1. Tickets for LSCC are on sale, you’ve booked London’s premier convention venue and arranged some great guests , can you tell us how long LSCC has been in the works and what was your motivation behind it?

 LSCC has been a cherished goal for us for the last several years but we only started work on it 2 years ago. 

We feel that London has long been in need of a proper comic convention for comic book fans. We wanted to have the top talent from the US and the UK with several big names which will hopefully induce some of the American & European Publishers and Exhibitors to attend. Overall producing an experience to rival the best US comic conventions. Something long suffering UK fans have needed.

2. LSCC is brand new on the UK comics scene – who are the team behind it and what are their ‘comic credentials’? What makes you best placed to organise a successful comic convention?

We are a group of comic fans who believe that the U.K. deserves a different caliber of show. The groups makeup consists of both American and U.K. individuals, whose convention experience ranges from putting on a yearly creator driven show in the States, to being an integral part of the early 90’s then largest ever U.K. show (Alexandra Palace). Others like myself are just comic book fans who have been collecting and reading ‘funny books’ for 30 years. Basically though we are a group of comic geeks who met through our love of comic books.  If the image of the con feels corporate it maybe due to the fact that some of us, myself included actually work outside of comics and probably bring our expertise in different areas to the show.

The business side of things is also a crucial factor here as putting on a show of this magnitude requires not only the desire and willingness to make it work but also the ability to ensure that it is run like an event of this caliber deserves, therefore included in the group are individuals from the world of high finance. Crucially though, we feel that a show of this type should not just be run with a vision generated from a few people, therefore we reached out and secured help from some of  the U.K.’s top Comic Retailers, Publishers and Mail Order dealers, to ensure that the comic fans and the comic exhibitors receive an experience that they deserve.

3. You’ve got some big names attending in Perez, Wrightson etc – can we expect any others? Any DCnew52 creatives?

Yes, in the next couple of days we are announcing another wave of 10 creators of the same caliber as the initial announcement of 10 creators, including the likes of Bill Sienkiewicz and Brian Bolland as well as some more DCnew52 creatives. Additionally over the next couple of months, we will continue to add to the creators attending, including a large amount of U.K. based creators. The UK will have never seen a comic convention like it.

4. We’re pretty excited that is a strictly comics only event, what will make LSCC successful without involving big money gaming, ancillary sci-fi exhibitors etc and ensure that you’ll be back for 2013?

American and European Creators and Exhibitors, and plenty of them. Whilst the larger English shows do have a number of American Creators, the financial burden of bringing over the the kind of numbers that are required, mean that with the best will in the world, even shows like Kapow or MCM only have 3-5 of these types of top quality American guests at a time. Whilst Marvel & DC will never commit to any inaugural show, if the show has a large enough creator presence and just as importantly, a large comic fan attendance, we are certain that either, or both of the big 2 companies will commit to attend the next year.

5. Your website states that panel details will be available nearer the time. Can you give us any details on what types of panels you are planning?

Well there will be plenty of panels (information as to the specifics will not be announced until much closer to the event), signings, portfolio reviews, small group or individual one on one sessions with some of the American Creators, as well as many other more hush hush events, that will be revealed closer to the show dates.

6. Will you be charging for sketches/ signings?

It will be up to the individual artists and writers but we hope to keep charges to a minimum.

7. Will you be supporting the small press in anyway? i.e. reduced table fees/ separate area etc.

We will have in excess of 100 small press independent comic publishers/creators in attendance, and we would encourage anyone who wants to break into comics to look through the vast array of these exhibitors  as well as talk to some of the small press printers that will be on site to run through the process of printing your own comic. We will have a separate area with significantly reduced fees.

8. Finally, what will make LSCC stand out from other British comic events?

We plan a truly global event, something more befitting a city with the stature of London.

We have already confirmed the largest ever amount of U.S. comic dealers attending and will be announcing these as well as some of the other International Exhibitors in the next week. This coupled with the fact that this show is the largest show devoted purely to comics, should tell everyone just how serious we are about this show succeeding and bringing all the comic fans in the U.K. a show to be proud of.

So there you have it. The interview was conducted with Imran Ahmed of LSCC and if you’re honest, what he says make a lot of sense. The four of us involved with ComicsAnonymous all work responsible jobs, we dont tell you what they are though. It doesn’t make you any the worse off, but then we aren’t asking for your money!

The impression I have is of non-comic professionals organising an event for something they are passionate about. Considering some sloppily organised events I’ve been to some non-comic professionals running the show might make for something smooth.

The full guest list as of today is as follows:

Brian Bolland, Howard Chaykin, Steve Epting, Rob Guillory, Phil Jiminez, Bob Layton, Tony Moore, David Peterson, George Perez, Rick Remender, Bill Sienkiewicz and Bernie Wrightson.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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