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THE VAULT #2 by G-Man
September 17, 2011, 10:23 am
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After getting hooked on issue #1 of Image comics ‘The Vault’ (see my earlier review for more info) and with desperation for #2 building in my heart… I yelled a satisfying ‘WOOHOO!’ in my head when I spotted issue #2 in among this weeks releases at Red Hot Comics.  Would it build on the solid grounding of issue #1? Bladder control at maximum until we know for sure!!

WARNING: some spoilers.

Now issue #1 ended with the cliffhanger of the scan of the recently discovered coffin by our intrepid group of scientific geeks, scuba divers and everyday adventuring millionaires, and to be honest I was pretty confident in this building on that. I just didn’t count on writer Sam Sarkar and artist Garrie Gastonny raising the bar so well.  This issue starts with them mulling over their options with the discovered coffin and it’s contents and gets put to a vote. The 5 to 1 result means they are opening the box, taking some samples and then closing it up again.  They do this and analyse the samples and with no human DNA detected they’re opening it fully. BIG mistake.  They KNOW the remains inside aren’t human, but for the group that’s a seriously BAD thing.  What they find freaks some of them out and intrigues the others… but threatens them all.

It’s ‘edge of the seat’ stuff from here as we get spooked by the goings-on and see the group having to fight for their lives against a seemingly unstoppable evil. Throw in the fact that a storm continues to close in and they’ll be struggling for rescue anytime soon and we’re onto a winner with this issue again.  I’m not going to give away any of the details for the rest of this book as in my opinion….you should read this and read it SOON.  Just know that when you get to the end of the issue you’ll scream inside because you have to wait for issue #3

G-Man @gjwatson

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