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THE CAPE #1 by G-Man
September 17, 2011, 10:28 am
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Joe Hill, writer of Locke & Key (which is damn good ) brings us his latest offering through IDW – a four-part mini ‘The Cape’.  Now looking at the cover, you may think it’s a case of average Joe gets powers and you’re half right… this book is just a bit more f$%&ed-up than that…

WARNING: some spoilers.

Now, if you’ve read the aforementioned Locke & Key (or seen the trailer for the TV series as they struggle to find a network to pick it up) then you’ll know a little bit about Hill’s style, if not, then you should really seek professional help.  Hill’s Locke & Key is now into it’s 4th volume. It can’t come out quick enough for me and here… its the same deal… I’m hooked from the off.

The issue kicks-off with a trip to the morgue where Kevin Smith (in comic book form) is leading a doctor into to ID a body, a body we quickly find out is the ex of the Dr’s brother, a list of injuries from at least a 12-story “fall” is deemed the COD… BANG… There’s a way to start… do we keep going with that? Nope… we switch over to a costumed kid beside his friend’s hospital bed and whispers of secrets being kept following what happened, which we can only assume at this point, but the entrance of the kid’s mom and the delight that he’s awake are another element to suck you in and make you wonder what’s coming next.  The kid gets passed a pad and pen, writing one word on it –  ‘Cape’  – in his post-accident handwriting and we find out that after what’s happened… the mom threw it out… looks like the kid is about to cry at that news.

Switch number 3 and we get glimpses of a set of mobile phone pics and our 1st indication of who our main character is going to be and for me it’s almost a story in itself. Yet ANOTHER hook into wanting to find out just what the hell is going on…

From here we get to see the real story behind the main character in the book – Eric.  First sighting is of him sitting on the toilet and shouting on his mum to get the door and bring him some toilet paper… what an entrance.  His visit from 2 cops, on a follow-up interview following the death of his ex and a hint of his suspicions of an affair between her and his brother gets Eric riled up and give us, the reader, good cause to suspect him too.  The cops run through the same questions with him and make their way back to the station, making a wager on the way that Eric is the killer.  The Cape hanging by the door as the cops leave fuel that mystery a bit further and what happens next pretty much convinces me that he’s to blame. Getting the cape securely attached, Eric flies away from his house, uses a rope to snare and lift a bear from a local zoo-park and then drops it off into the cop car with a declaration of ‘bombs-away’… and this is the kind of vintage Joe Hill crazy stuff that goes on.

Joe Hill continues his solid work from Locke & Key with the kind of “WTF?” moments that we can only get from someone of his calibre… if anything, I’d love to see him writing more stuff. Or maybe I’d just like to get my hands on more his stuff… one of the two 😀 .  Throw into the mix, the kind of quality art that we are seeing more and more regularly outside the world of Marvel/DC and we’re onto a winner.  Well thought out panel structure, the script from Hill and as much said from the look from our characters than from a thought/speech bubble… and we’re engaged, excited and begging for issue #2.

I urge you to get this mini-series and that’s based on issue #1 alone. Try to take a look at his Locke & Key outing as well.  Great writing, solid art and from IDW… who are now gaining ground on some of the bigger publishers with titles just like this.

G-Man @gjwatson85

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