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September 15, 2011, 1:46 am
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I don’t imagine that I can spoil this book for anyone by saying that Resurrection Man dies in this issue.  Another relatively unknown DC character gets his own title (although I have read some of this before) but is it any good?

WARNING: contains spoilers.

The honest answer to that is… I don’t know yet.  The notion that a character you’re reading about is going to die in the issue you’re reading is a new one – and that he gains a new ‘super-power’ after each un-dying is a deal to mess with your head.  Truth be told, the first few panels where he comes back and then tries to figure out what his powers are, gives the book some if it’s most interesting moments.  His 1st resurrection brings him back to life in a morgue (probably not the first/last time that’s gonna happen) and he soon catches on that his powers are magnetic and he’s gotta get out his current location, new identity and trip to airport later and he’s on his way.

A strange passenger with a teardrop tattoo on her face, sits alongside him and after take-off into some stormy weather. Everything kicks off, the mysterious stranger, Sue, turns out in fact to be an angel… hate when that happens… and she’s after Resurrection Man’s soul, which is now highly valued given the number of resurrections he’s had. A battle commences inside and outside the plane with Sue/Angel being killed… and Resurrection Man (plus ALL the other passengers) dies too.  Our central character comes back though, as expected and develops his new power.

The remaining few pages of this book give us more questions than answers I think… a strange female duo are seen torturing the staff from the morgue as they try and track down the body of a John Doe (aka Resurrection Man). We flash back to the crash site and a fireman with the tell tale marks of an angel, talking on his cellphone to the the switchboard for heaven I guess, and we do get a bit of explanation that the girls from the morgue are hells demons representatives on the hunt for our main character.  The final scene shows us a mysterious new character, dealing tarot cards and leaving us pretty much with a “WTF?” sensation.

The writing by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning is moody throughout and the art of the interiors by Fernando Dagnino (art) & Santi Arcas (colours) is gritty and well suited to the tone and subject of the issue – it’s actually a pity that the cover wasn’t done by the same duo as I think that takes away from the quality of the interiors.

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Interesting review, suprised you didn’t really like the cover as I thought it was fantastic. You might be interested to read my review of it here

Comment by adrianroberts1986

[…] 43. Resurrection Man – 4.5/10 […]

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