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September 15, 2011, 1:32 am
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Now Geoff Johns has been writing some amazing stuff in Green Lantern recently – with Blackest Night, Brightest Day and more recently War of the Green Lanterns being the “BIG” events for the GL Corps.  He continues his run with the DC New 52 release of Green Lantern.

WARNING: some spoilers.

Now this title has left me on the fence a bit I think. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it but I don’t know that continuing the Green Lantern title with Johns helps the DC case for starting afresh.  I enjoyed it as Johns writing is spot-on as usual but I get the feeling that that’s only down to the fact that I know the events of Green Lantern before the reboot.

I look at that cover and I know straight away what’s happened to Hal Jordan and how Sinestro has come to be back in the Green Lantern Corps….so for me this could have just kept with the original numbering and we’d be none the wiser.  A new reader to the titles may experience this in a different way, or they may go back and track down the previous GL events to find out more. So in that sense it’s a bit of a cop-out.

What I will say though, is that we have 2 story arcs on the go here – one with Sinestro’s induction back into the corps (we actually start the issue with him speaking the oath) and the other with Hal Jordan’s return to earth with a bump, can’t fly, can’t sit his ass on Oa (the GL planet) and it gets worse… No job, no money and overdue rent being his biggest problems these days.

Pretty good scene in it though where he thinks an attack is taking place in the apartment across from his. He backs-up, moving his landlord and some chairs out of the way, takes a runner and jumps off his balcony smashing through the window to save the damsel in distress.  Bad news for Hal is… it’s a film scene. A short time in jail and the friendly bail out from Carol Ferris.  These two arcs meet on the final page when Sinestro turns up at Hal’s door to help figure out how he can get his ring back.

Story-wise a good one but, as I said before, that may be down to having knowledge of the back-story.  The art work here by Doug Mahnke is really good when it comes to the weird-looking members of the Corps but there’s a few scenes where I’d be struggling to point Hal out as being human. Could be just a personal thing.

I’d say read it and see what you think. If you’re new you may well have to fill-in your knowledge of the back-stories I mentioned to fully get what’s happening.  If you’ve been reading GL up to this point, we’re continuing normal service.

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