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September 15, 2011, 1:29 am
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The 2nd week hits of DC’s 52 title reboot and included in the latest wave of 13 books we have Deathstroke.  Weird thing for me is, I recognize the guy, but I’m not sure I’ve ever read any of his titles before. One thing can be sure though, with a name like that he doesn’t knit.

WARNING: some spoilers.

I think the magic of the New 52 approach is that we get a chance to see a fresh character, or we maybe just give in more freely to taking that risk of trying a new title. Looking at the sales figures for the New 52 so far, you can kind of see why DC have chosen to do it this way.

Thankfully, here, it’s not been big bucks at the expense of a good comic and I enjoyed Deathstroke from the start. Kyle Higgins writes a mean script with Deathstroke oozing arrogance and taking people down with his sarcastic comments as much as his gun/sword combo.  Higgins also manages to write the smarmy, money-grabbing contact for the jobs well and combines that by writing the other members of the team as over-confident, youthful braggers, just trying to make a name for themselves.  Deathstroke takes an instant dislike to them all, ignoring their names and choosing to call them as he sees them – guy wearing glasses is sarcastically called “Glasses”,  gotta love it.

As well as building these characters in a short space of time and throwing them together, we also manage to see them thrust into their first mission, an “impossible” mission which only Deathstroke could be trusted to take.  Incidentally,  this mission involves him taking out a target in mid-air and involves him jumping from 1 plane to another… EASY!!

This is where the story turns. Deathstroke’s target shows him the contents of a mysterious case after seeing his bodyguards taken care of quite easy, which we never get to see inside, much to my annoyance as I scream “WHAT’S IN THE F&%$ING CASE?” (in my head at least).  From here it’s drawn us in even further… a curve-ball moment which sends Deathstroke onto a new level. He kills his target by blowing up the plane (as planned), makes it back onto his own plane (as planned), kills his teammates (off-plan) and informs his smarmy contact that he’d better clean up the mess (off-plan again).

A surprise hit for me. GREAT writing and the art is consistent from the off. Enough panel mixes with the story flowing freely from 2-page spreads of his 1st job in Russia, to his mundane body-guarding job. Open expanses of a metropolis to the confined space of a plane. Joe Bennet on pencils with Art Thiebert/Jason Wright on Inks/Colours in charge. We’re given a seedy underworld to look at which remains interesting throughout.

G-Man @gjwatson

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