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O.M.A.C. #1 by G-Man
September 13, 2011, 12:39 am
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With story and art by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen – O.M.A.C. #1 hit me as a different kind of story for the DC 52 line, at least going by the cover in comparison to other titles – and that’s exactly what we get here.

WARNING: some spoilers.

Didio and Giffen manage to bring Kirby’s OMAC character, first developed in the mid-70’s, into the modern DC world and I think they’ve managed to pull it off – admittedly I’d never known much about the character up until this point, other than knowing the name and recognizing it as a Kirby creation.  The art and writing here is vintage Kirby and it’s brought us a weird tale to be sure, let’s be honest only one thing happens in the whole issue – OMAC pretty much pounds his way through anything in his way as he ventures deep into the bowels of the Cadmus Project.

Guided by a strange inner voice controlling his every move, we see a path of destruction as he takes out any human, wall or bizarre creature that dares get in his way – all the while we see members of the science group scramble to find a missing colleague, Kevin Kho.  It’s right at the end of the book that we see OMAC reach his target – the Cadmus Servers – and extract the information he (or at least his guiding voice) needs.  We then see OMAC transform into the missing scientist and the mysterious Brother Eye declare that he/it is in control.  This bizarre twist and the sight of Brother Eye (basically looking like a curling stone) hovering above the earth where it can be all-seeing – pretty much sums up the cosmic (and weird) events of this book.

While we could be left thinking “What the F*&$^???”, we’re actually left looking forward to what issue #2 will bring us.  This is mainly down to the art being so vivid and absorbing and the writing being just so good that we’d accept anything they tell us as “the norm”.  Now this won’t be to everyone’s tastes and it represents the opposite end of the New 52 spectrum, where something like “Men of War #1” brings us DC in the real world OMAC takes us to the other end: a weird world with some freaky stuff going on that we somehow manage to accept freely.  The magic of Kirby returns to the fore and I’m IN.

G-Man @gjwatson

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I reckon OMAC is goana be a slow burner, but a definite hit! Total scifi and near radioactive art. Looking forward to the story fleshing out a bit and then we’ll have a top title on our hands.

Comment by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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