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SWAMP THING #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

Ah Swampy. He’s been through quite a lot y’know, the big green fellah. And if Scott Snyder’s recent tweet-fest, combined with the Brightest Day aftermath is anything to go by he’s about to go through a whole lot more, which is why its nice to see that in the midst of the DCnew52 reboot, Swamp Thing #1 has retained a few comfortable features.

In fact, it strikes me that Swampy hasn’t really been ‘rebooted’ after all. He’s merely just been picked up again, with someone new directing the stories. And to be honest, that is the best thing that could have happened to both the book and the reboot. It gives us something that retains its edge, but it’s as we’d expect. There is no change for change’s sake to be found here.

Swampy has always been a phenomenal comic book and one of my favourites. Incredibly dark and horrific, yet sometimes so moving and beautiful it could scare you in one issue and make you smile in the next. Yanick Paquette starts off by delivering the goods in a well paced fashion that serves to build suspense as we get to the ‘double page doom spread’ on pages 2 and 3: pigeons falling from the sky dead, bats falling from the ceiling of a famous cave to land, dead on the bonnet of an equally famous car whilst dead fish float around Aquaman

Sounds uncomfortable? A bit disturbing? Good. Thats the way it should be. Well done Snyder and Paquette. Atmospherically, this book excels. Lyrically, Snyder does a marvelous job of introducing the larger issues of ‘Who/what is Swampy? who is Alec? Are they the same? Will we see Abby?’ whilst giving us an immediate storyline, a fast payoff that keeps the story moving in a primitive fashion, keeping our immediate interest.

I have one major criticism of this book and it is aimed squarely at Paquette. The guy can’t draw Supes. In fact his attempts at rendering the Man of Steel are so bad I am left unsure as to whether Swampy is set 20 years after Action Comics #1, the middle aged spread, treble chins and skeelly eyes make me wonder…

The art in the rest of the book is pretty good, with only a few of Alec’s figures seeming a bit mannequin-esque. Its maybe a bit on the wordy side but I still find it very enjoyable. Overall its a good book. Hopefully Supes wont be back until Paquette has gotten over his stage fright though…

Also – check out the name of the digger company!! 🙂

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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As way of an introduction to Swampy (I’ve never read anything on him before) this was a great comic. I have total faith in anything Scott Snyder does after his amazing run on Detective Comics last year, so I know that this and Batman are going to be good – it’s even better when he goes into so much detail on his twitter account about the characters. Tough choice between this and Animal Man for my fave.

Comment by Craig

I wasn’t sold on Swamp Thing after reading the issue but I don’t have any real criticisms. Different strokes and all that. I’ll probably give issue 2 a go purely on the back of Linsay’s recommendation and Craig’s new found enthusiasm.

Comment by Gillian - @surelyshine

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