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GREEN ARROW #1 by @surelyshine
September 11, 2011, 10:26 pm
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The sum total of my Green Arrow knowledge prior to reading the new issue 1 came from Smallville. Ollie’s grown up somewhat since then.

For a new GA reader, the intro to issue 1 was perfect – the first two pages capture his deal completely. Forget ‘reporter by day, crime-fighter by night’, he’s got it all going on at once: quivered-up on a Parisian rooftop while doing business via Bluetooth (or Q-tooth?!) with colleagues back in the Seattle sunlight. He’s a modern male, juggling conflicting demands with ease. Eat your heart out Kate Reddy. All this and his company Q-core, makes Q-pads and Q-phones. He should be dripping in cool, but as the book progresses it’s clear he can’t pull it off.

His one-liners are more ’embarrassing uncle’ than Buffy. I haven’t read enough of GA, nor stories by Krul, to know whether that’s down to the character or the writing – maybe he’s a well-written wet blanket – but when the dialogue’s not sappy it’s dull.

The bad guys, too, are frankly lacklustre. On our first villain encounter, we learn from GA‘s Oracle-like sidekick, Naomi, of the atrocities they’ve committed – like blacking out Monte Carlo. Poor loaded fuckers couldn’t play the slot machines? I see why rich boy Oliver’s annoyed. The main action happens later aboard an In-Betweeners-esque party boat, where the villains wait their turn and, conveniently, attack one at a time. Good sports, eh? (As a side note, after watching Smallville, Chloe Sullivan would have been a nice choice for comms & tech support in place of Naomi. Particularly with their intimate relationship and all.) Whether or not the cliffhanger at the end of the issue is any good, I can’t comment. I had no idea who was shown on the last page, nor why they talked so funny.

On the other hand, the art by Jurgens is great. It’s consistent, expressions are captured well and the action in the panels is framed well, making it easy to follow. The inks and colours are thick and rich. Blocks of red, purple and lilac contrast nicely with the fresh green of Oliver’s money armoured hoodie.

Sad to say it: I had high hopes I’d be jumping on with this one but, despite the luxe artwork, I doubt I’ll be back for more.

Gillian @surelyshine

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