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JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

What’s your best comic shop experience? Is it rummaging around on sale day or in the 5 pence bins and finding old issues of JLI and JL Europe? Is it going to a charity comic book sale and finding a complete set of Justice League Quarterly for not too many of your hard earned pennies? No? They must be mine then.

During our inaugural board meeting (for board meeting read round of drinks in Glaswegian public house) I made sure to call JLI as it has been one of my all time favourite books. Now that I’ve read the issue a couple of times I’m not sure my love of earlier incarnations makes me the best individual to write the review.

I have been hounding around the internet with feverish intensity since the DC reboot was announced, trying to find out details on what Ted Kord’s place in it might be. Ever the optimist, I lazily imagined a return to the glory days of Blue and Gold. The resurrection of the comics world famous ‘bro-mance’, the witty and sharp dialogue that would often have me (and others I’m assured) in stitches.

Alas, as further details emerged it became apparent that Ted Kord would not be making a triumphant return to the DCU (one in the eye, though it would have been for that murdering **%£@£$&*$££!£$%** Maxwell Lord). Jaime Reyes would continue to be the current DCU Blue Beetle and rumours that Kord would take over as Oracle also proved to be of no substance.

Due to my unfortunate habit of searching Twitter for tweets concerning Blue Beetle and Ted Kord I have since been informed that it is highly probable that even the MEMORY of Kord will have been erased in the timeline of the DCnew52. This means that Booster Gold, now leader of the new Justice League International has no memory of his best friend, the guy who he tried to change time for.

In my opinion, this leaves a glaring hole in the team dynamics of JLI, which, as of issue 1, has not yet been filled. However, there can only be so many pages in an issue 1 of any comic book and it is possible that a relationship just as entertaining as Booster and Beetle’s may emerge.

However, in the spirit of writing an honest review and trying my hardest to not go off on an ‘I WANT TED KORD’ tantrum, there are a few things about the book that I really enjoyed and a few bit and pieces that show a lot of potential to be enjoyed as the book progresses. For example, Guy Gardner is almost as much of the lovable ar****le as I remember him and I’m thrilled to see Rocket Red back, even if he is quite probably the most two dimensional and regionaly generalised, not to mention ignorant portrayal of a russian this side of the cold war. RR cracks me up, possibly for the wrong reasons.

The art isn’t too shabby. Pretty much DC standard art, although I do feel some of the figures are a bit stiff. Also this guy –

is he supposed to be chinese/ japanese/ blinded by the light??

Some of our readers might be perusing this particular review to get an idea of the plot. We all have limited funds and not many of us can buy all 52 of these books. Imagine you bought the wrong ones??!! Some books are selling on ebay for a fortune already so we really need to be making informed choices.

For those of you who have never picked up a JLI/JLE book before the plot might be entirely new to you! For those of you who have… Well, lets just say you might spot some similarities to stories of a bygone age…

We begin with a shifty looking bugger who goes by the name of Andre Briggs who is head of United Nations Intelligence. Major governments of the world are experiencing a crisis in confidence of the populace. Mr Briggs has benefited from one of those rare lightbulb moments, illuminating his way to a solution – set up a task force comprised of turbo charged individuals to sort out the civilised world’s troubles.

In addition to the individuals I’ve mentioned previously, our team of International Justice Leaguers includes Ice, Vixen, Fire, August General in Iron and Godiva and to be honest, apart from what I see as a poke in the eye to individuals like myself who genuinely are interesting in the evolution of the DCU (I shall detail the offending panel at the end of this text) issue 1 is really all about us getting introduced to the gang. We do get a taster of our first villain(s) however, on the last page and it reminds me of a chap called Iron Man. Not the Stark version, but rather from a book in my primary school library that wasn’t very good.

At this point, I will continue to buy JLI to see if it gets any better but I would invite comments from my colleagues at and yourselves to help record what might be a more rounded opinion.

JLI is by Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti & Matt Ryan.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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Like yourself, not sure what to make on this one. On the one hand I’m happy to see Booster, a character I’ve just started to know and love following some catch up on the 52 series, and Time Masters, however I’m sad he doesn’t have a comic to call his own – even if he is head honcho on JLI. Also – I understand the need for someone from JLA to watch over the JLI, but Batman doesn’t seem like the right man for the job (shock I know coming from me who would normally want to see Bats over all comics!) but hopefully I’ll be proven wrong in the coming issues. It might not have the all star names of JL, but part of me wonders if the plot from JLI will turn out better!

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