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HAWK AND DOVE #1 by @surelyshine
September 10, 2011, 9:33 am
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This title starts fast and full throttle with the pair struggling to prevent a terrorist strike on an American landmark. Despite the action, most fascinating from the outset is the relationship between peaceful Dove and her hot-headed counterpart Hawk. The two are opposing symbols, of war and peace, and their actions, costumes, dialogue and expressions work harmoniously to result in well rounded, developed and authentic characterisation.

You can’t, I guess, put two contrasting characers together and not draw out their differences. Their partnership is quite unique and that comes across well. But when, later in the comic, the characters traits are made explicit repeatedly through dialogue (‘gods of war and peace’, ‘avatar of war and avatar of peace’, ‘brawn and brains’, ‘the fighter and the pacifist’) I became frustrated. I guess this was for the benefit of those unfamiliar with our feathered friends but really, we’re talking new readers, not dumb asses. This relatively tiny point (which I’ve laboured as much as Gates harked on about their differences) is the only real criticism I can offer and certainly didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book. The 32 page issue #1 touches on each of the supes’ backstories, references the original Crisis (confirmation that it, at least, is a plot line retained in the new DCU) and explains their current relationship, while setting us up for a couple of potential future story arcs, no doubt allowing us to delve further into their past.

Liefield’s art is suitably close-in and the characters fill the panels, bringing the reader near to both the action and the birds’ emotional reactions. I think it’s the latter that appeals to me. And I trust Gates to pen this one – his Supergirl stories in the pre-Flashpoint DCU were fun. Just as well I liked it, I’ve already ordered issue #2.

Your verdict? Hawk & Dove fan, or not impressed?

Gillian @surelyshine

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Apart from a handful of back issues from the early 90s, and the Crisis story, I don’t really have much experience of the characters. However, this didn’t effect the enjoyment for myself and I found the backstory for the original ‘Hawk & Dove’ beneficial. At the moment, Gates has my attention.

Liefield’s art was good overall, but he needs a swift kick for Hawk’s anatomy on the cover and in one of the interior panels. He has a lot of books going out at the moment, so hopefully he isn’t spreading himself too thin. I am a FAN, but sometimes his anatomy makes me mad, especially when I know he can do better.

Comment by James Lundy

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