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Here at Comics Anonymous HQ we’ve always got our noses in comic books. We love a best-seller, but you can keep your gimmicky tie-in games. Our team’s half women, but you won’t see us on some token feminist crusade. And while we have an interest in creators, we steer away from gossip. There’s plenty of that covered elsewhere, right?

If a book has an engaging story, quality artwork and is good value for money, it’s on our pull list. The C.A. gang loves nothing more than telling one another, and the world, about the comics we read and sharing our enthusiasm for local writers and artists.

Craig @hastiecraig

Craig will read anything with ‘Bat’ in the title. He’s a sucker for superhero books, but tends to base his selections on the creators rather than the characters, especially if their names end with Morrison, Quitely or Snyder. He enjoys the smell of fresh comics in the morning, discussing his latest reads with his mates and long walks along the beach con queues.

Gary @gjwatson85 

TV shows like Batman, with Adam West, and Spider-man, with Nicholas Hammond, were Gary’s first introduction to comic book characters. From there, he picked up Marvel’s Exploits of Spider-man – a collection of reprinted tales from the early days of Spidey plus ‘The Amazing’ titles and the 2099 version.  Marvel and Spidey were really only the start as he’ll now read anything… and he means anything.  Most likely to be reading Thor these days, but titles outside the big two are just as much of a draw… Damaged for example.  Anything goes and he really enjoys the indie/small press work out there just now.

Gillian @surelyshine

Likes The Flash, Supergirl, Captain America, Steph Brown (where did she go?!), the suspense of Morning Glories, The Walking Dead and anything drawn by McKelvie. Dislikes elbows in her face when browsing longboxes and blog tpyos. AKA Bizarro Linsay.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

Linsay was brought up on a strict diet of the Beano, Dandy, Broons and Oor Wullie. She now survives, almost completely, on Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Moon Knight and Ultimate Spider Man (not really). She plays the bass and hates it when her parrot shits on her variant covers. Will talk comics with anyone.

Fiona @fwatsonphotos (Comics Anonymous photographer)

While in the company of Comics Anonymous, Fiona can generally be found capturing images of Q&As, long queues and cosplayers. However Fiona is primarily focused portrait, commercial and wedding photography, where people are less likely to be dressed as Wolverine (but she’s totally available for Superhero themed weddings.) Fiona is available for event bookings and she can be found over at her own site –

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